Types of Locksmith Services

Locksmiths are more than just a lock-out service that you call in an Emergency. They can consult with you about all of your home security needs, Trusty Locksmith provide a massive range of commercial and residential security enhancing services including:

Safes: Safes are commonly used to secure important papers and documents as well as store valuables and other important possessions. These come in many sizes and designs for a great variety of purposes.

Supplying and Installing Locks: If you need a formidable locking system to protect your home a locksmith can supply the appropriate selection for you and assist in getting it installed correctly. As well as conventional locks for doors a locksmith can introduce some specialized varieties for gates and storm shutters.

Electronic locks: Electronic and Biometric locking systems sit at the cutting edge of intruder protection for homes and commercial premises. The latest technologies available make conventional key and lock systems superfluous.

Automotive locks: Certain specialized locksmiths can provide duplicate sets of car keys and replace damaged locking mechanisms on a car security system. Broken keys can also be safely removed without damaging the locking system.

Emergency Services. Locksmiths are usually called on site at the most inconvenient hours when keys are lost or security is suddenly compromised. A locksmith will usually provide a 24/7 service to residential as well as commercial premises --and usually this includes access to vehicles.

For full details on all of our locksmith services go to www.trustylocksmith.com.au/canberra/ and view the service section.

Different Types of Locking Systems

The Most common security implements are deadbolts,latches, window locks and master key lock systems.

Make sure if you get deadbolts you get double cylinders for the most protection possible. This goes for dead latches as well.

Locks and bolts on the windows are important in preventing intruders from gaining access to the inside of your house, this is one of the most common entry points for intruders.

Master key systems are great to avoid having to fiddle through endless options when trying to open the doors of your home or business.

Alarm Systems and Safes

Alarm systems are a great way to deter possible intruders and raise an alarm if an intruder has gained access. Alarm systems can detect...

- garage door opening
- glass breakage
- smoke and fire
- door opening
- interior motion
- window opening

More advanced systems available today can also differentiate between house pets and intruders so that the alarm is not set off each time the cat begins to prowl. Other systems can be installed to be removed easily or hardwired for long lasting protection.

Be sure to ask about the specifics and extras of any system you are considering. Some systems have special features for the elderly, medical services or other useful designs. All systems should feature a panic button.

The locksmith who provides your systems should also keep an eye on your home and monitor the alarm systems --if this is not a service they provide they should at least refer you to a reputable security company.

If you must keep specific valuable with in your home, you may consider the protection of a safe. There is a wide selection of safes that come in a large variety of sizes and purposes --including gun safes, wall safes, anti fire safes,hidden safes and more. Your locksmith will be able to provide you with a list of suitable safes and help you make the best selection for your situation.